Scientix 2 – Cycle 2 Teachers’ panel kick-off 2 at EUN headquarters (Brussels)

This post collects relevant facts from my attendance from 12-14 of September 2014 to the Scientix 2 – Cycle 2 Teachers’ panel kick-off 2 held at EUN headquaters (Brussels) .

There I’ve been nominated as National Scientix Deputy Ambassador (SDA) for Spain from September 2014 to April 2015. 48 STEM teachers from all over the Europe attended to the this meeting where we recieved

Scientix_meeting_with_new_ambassadors_sept_14In addition to attending to some workshops led by Scientix ambassadors about trending Edtech topics, new ambassadors received instructions to enlarge our knowledge about the EUN and the Scientix project in particular. Agueda Grass-Velazquez, the Scientix manager told us all they were doing and show us the different sections of the Scientix portal. A extensive list of tasks was given to new ambassadors to be carried out from September 2014 to April 2015.

The meeting gave me the opportunity to meet a group of wonderful teachers engaged in disseminating The Scientix initiatives. I hope I could also help them to spread out Scientix in my own country.

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