List of Java, HTML5 and Flash activities for learning Physics

This is a short list of URL with links to tons of applets in Java, HTML5 and flash  to learn STEM subjects but especially  Physics. Most of these applications can be run online through a web browser so it’s not needed to download and install. Feel free to suggest more to complete the list.

Scientix. The community for STEM education in Europe

Scientix. The community for STEM education in Europe

Now a short list of other sites or web pages that show a list of links to other similar resources. Their lists include some of my previous links and many others but I couldn’t check if they’re still available online.

Although not all of them are under a fully unrestricted Creative Common license it’d be unfair no to thanks the institutions and  authors who are sharing online their learning  resources with all of us.

A guide to starting a STEM blog and how this can help young people, research fellows and business professionals to get noticed in their field and further their career is available at Why Every STEM Professional Needs a Blog.

As a Scientix Deputy Ambassador let me tell you that you can find more valuable resources to teach STEM subjects in 8 EU official languages in the Resources sections at Scientix website.

Keep Sharing!

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