Implementing e-learning

Today I found via Tony Bates a web page titled Implementing e-learning: a toolkit for training organisations. with useful infographics about e.learning topics.  The first infographic represents the well-known ADDIE model and it’s interactive.

Tony Bates was questioning in a blog post the validity of that model for small e-learning projects. The blog post is titled:  Is the ADDIE model appropriate for teaching in a digital age? It’s also valuable to read the openbook which it’s being writing by Tony titled «Teaching in Digital Age‘. For those who don’t know him, I must say that Tony Bates is one of the main e-learning gurus recently retired from his academic and research activities.

This year I had not only to study the ADDIE model in the current Master Degree in Education and e-Learning which I’m doing at UOC but also design a fictitious e-learning deployment based on that model.


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