Worth reading: Is this the future of assessment? (Christodoulou, D., 2022)

Another interesting «worth to read» piece is found in TES magazine with the title: «Is this the future of assessment?».  The author is Daisy Christodoulou and she introduces the topic as follows:

Calls for exams to be scrapped have grown louder in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. But rather than getting rid of exams, we may just need to reimagine them

Some of my takeaways are:

  • Scores (numbers) are better than grades (letters) to assess students.
  • The war against «traditional summative closed-book  exams» in school education seems to be a worldwide trending topic.
  • However, «Many non-exam assessment techniques introduce grey areas and ambiguities into the assessment process that are vulnerable to being exploited» and, as Daisy also points out: «Teacher assessment is subject to human biases«.
  • On the other hand, on-screen assessments can play an important complementary role but adopters must be aware of that it introduces complexity with both opportunities and risks. (i.e., mode effect , backwash-effect and other consequences).
  • The arrival of  ChatGPT AI will have strong multi-level consequences in education. Thus, practitioners must start thinking how to deal with these AI technologies in the near (immediate) future.

Enjoy the reading!

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