Profile of participants in an online course about Digital Skills

The chart below shows the profile of more than 1,650 participants enrolled in an online course about   Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom ().

There are two details which deserve a comment:

  • One is that the first largest group of participants (37%) are between 46-55 years old.
  • That data is consistent with the last chart where again, the largest group (34%) corresponds to those who have been working on educational fields for more than 20 years.

Is this the kind of age’s distributions expected for participants? Does it mean that the oldest teachers are more eager to learn about digital skills than youngest? Or it’s just an evidence that old teachers are lacking digital skills so they’re the target to join to this courses?

The fact is that the population of teachers in Europe is a bit old. So it’s no a big surprise that, although it’s an online course and the topic seems to be more suitable for younger teachers, the 46-55 years group was the largest one. What do you think?

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