Scientix at Moodlemoot Spain 2014


From 19-20 of December 2014 Barcelona held the national moodlemoot conference (#mootES14). Participants from all the Spanish regions shared with foreign visitors two productive days in Barcelona. This year, the program  (PDF) included a broad selection of trending topics related to educational technologies. For the first time Scientix program was presented in a moodlemoot.  As a national Scientix Deputy Ambassador I applied for presenting Scientix there because I think that there are strong links between both projects: Moodle and Scientix. Below you can watch the presentation I used in my talk. The first and longest part corresponds to the introduction of Scientix but in the last third I share some ideas about how can Moodle support STEM teachers.

Moodlemoots are much more than only an event. They’re an excellent opportunity to meet restless people deeply involved in improving the effectiveness of instructional activities.  Although most of attendants came from universities and adult training companies an increasing number of primary and secondary teachers are joining to moodlemoots all over the world. And that’s one of the Moodle HQ goals: to ttract more and more teachers to moodlemoots because they and their students are the ones who actually can mostly benefit from using Moodle.

But my main focus in this presentation was on the link between STEM and Moodle. I think that this issue would deserve a new post to share some ideas about how I visualize the synergies between them. That was what I tried to tell Martin Dougiamas, the founder of Moodle, in a exchange of tweets during the #mootes14.

To finish this post I’m embedding some tweets collected as evidences. In another post I will collect all the tweets related to the whole mootes14 conference.

I quite satisfied with the experience of having adapted my traditional presentations of Scientix to meet the requirements of tech-savvy attendants to mootes14. Let me to thank to all physical and virtual attendants to my talk. I also appreciated the interest in Scientix that some attendants demonstrated not only during the talk but also later at coffee, lunch and mojitos  🙂 time.

I also believe that there’s a couple of gaps between ‘educational initiatives‘ and ‘real uses in classrooms‘ where Scientix and Moodle can partner each other to address them.  But, as I already said before, that will be food for a next post.

Thanks for reading and you’re comments are all welcome.

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