Display your OpenBadges Backpack in Moodle with LTI

Link to OpenBadges Backpack from Moodle with LTI

How to use LTI (External Tool Activities) in Moodle

These days I’ve been playing around with LTI (Learning Tools Interoperavility) and Moodle. I wanted to test what else could I do with this tool beyond providing a WP blog account to my School. The number Edu Apps built on LTI that we can use in our classes are increasing more and more everyday.

Where to find collections of learning apps built on LTI™ ?

In theory, LTI allows us to connect to that Edu Apps from our Moodle site using our ow data (e-mail) to create an account without having to log in again. Actually SSO or OpenAuth already provide similar funcionalities but the best of LTI would be the possibility to retrieve grades from these tools. I couldn’t still test whether it actually works as it’s expected but if it’s confirmed it would be very useful.

To show how easy is to access to external tools through LTI I recorded a videotutorial in English. The tutorial shows how to embed an already existent Open Badge Backpack into a Moodle Course as a LTI external activity. This example is only for a demo about how to use an LTI tool. Displaying a backpack from Mozilla OpenBadges is already possible as a Moodle core feature without using LTI. On the other hand if your Moodle admin didn’t setup badges you can follow this tutorial as an alternative.

Moodle version: 2.7

LTI plugin: This plugin must be activated in advanced by a Moodle admin

Where to find collections of learning apps built on LTI™ ?

LTI example 1: Link to Open Badges Backpack

Requirements: To replicate this tutorial you need an account in OpenBadges and some public badges to be displayed. You must have a teacher rol in a Moodle course and your Moodle must allow LTI activities

The goal: «The Open Badges app displays a user’s public badges from Mozilla Backpack (openbadges.org) within the LMS. This app is a perfect way to allow your students to view the badges they have earned.«

Steps as described in the videotutorial:

a) Go to Edu-Apps, search and click on Open badges

b) Copy the configuration URLhttps://www.accreditrust.com/badges/LTI/my_badges_lti.xml

c) Open the xml file to take out the launch URL: https://www.accreditrust.com/badges/LTI/connect.php

d) Check if a consumer key and shared secret are provided. For Open Badges are not needed.

e) Go back to your Moodle and add an activity as usual. Select ‘External Tool’.

f) Fill out the form:

Activity name: Check your Open Badges Backpack

External Tool Type: Automatic, based on Launch URL

Launch URL: https://www.accreditrust.com/badges/LTI/connect.php

Launch container: Default (Or change it if you like)

Privacy: Choose what you want to share with OpenBadges. I thibk that the minimum required should be your email because it will be used for your identification.

Save and display

Now you should see you backpack embedded in your Moodle course 🙂

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