Scientix Winter Workshop in La Valleta (Malta) 2015

The second Winter Workshop of Scientix cycle 2 was held in Malta from Friday 30 of January to Sunday, 1st of February. 51 participants, most of them Scientix Ambassadors, attended to this event. The venue was located at the National Curriculum Center of Malta.

I arrived to the Network dinner late (about 21 h) because I had to take two flights from Porto (Portugal) to arrive to Malta. First I flew to Zurich (Switzerland) and then I took another flight to La Valleta after spending 2 hours and a half at Zurich international airport.

On Saturday we started at 9:00 after a half hour for registration. Along the morning and after the official welcome to participants we had three keynotes from Maltese educational researchers. Ms Miriam Muscat spoke about «the value of out of class activities». Mr Mario Muscat gave us some ideas about «STEM popularisation – dissemination of good practice». Ms Melanie Casha spoke about «Malta’s first TIMSS results comparing local and global discourses on TIMSS’ effect on Policy and Reform».

From 13:30 to 17:30h all Ambassadors had to present about how we did to disseminate Scientix and share what we learnt doing so. Ambassador presentations were divided in two rooms for presentations on Saturday afternoon and On Sunday morning. They gave us 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions and answers with attendants.

I was the first presenter on Sunday morning sessions. I couldn’t talk about all I wanted because we started a bit late and I had to finish soon to not steal time from others. Some ambassadors asked me to share my presentation so I’m embedding it below.

More information about the conference is available on twitter hashtag: #Scientix

At 13:00h a group of ambassadors said goodbye to our colleagues (some of them had already left earlier) and took a taxi to the airport to start our trips back home. My route consisted on flying first from Malta to Frankfurt (Germany) and then to Porto again. I have a one hour delay in Frankfurt due to the snow so I landed at Porto one hour later than it was expected. Last leg was coming to Vigo by car. It was 03:00h when I finally got home exhausted after flying a distance of 4,329 km in less than 60 hours.

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