Neuroscience findings about learning and the usage of digital technologies

As part of the week 2 module «Your future classroom – towards a realistic vision» of the course Future Classroom Scenarios (#FCSCourse), I found an interesting video where Dr Paul Howard Jones talks about What is the Internet Doing to our Brains?

I found the whole video very interesting because Dr. Paul tried to explain scientifically what are the effects on brains of using digital technologies. Neuroscience has developed so much in the last decades and some of its findings are key to understand how do we actually learn. But now, it’s even more important than before to know what happens (or can happen) in our brain as a consequence of being hugely exposed to a fascinating range of e-devices and a broad connectivity. We live surrounded by smartphones, tablets, consoles and traditional computers all connected to internet and constantly sharing data. Schools and educational authorities all over the world are trying to get on this train desperately and quite often, chaotically .

If you are concerned about video games effects on children, isolation or learning achievements derived from using digital technologies I think you should invest 26:29 min on watching this video:

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