Why to use Open Texbooks

This short post will be about Open Texbooks. One of the activities demanded in the OERu online open course about Open content licensing for educators (OCL4Ed) was to read the the book #Open Textbook Tweet and to choose those tweets I particularly liked.

The PDF Open Texbook Tweet book (859 KB) contains 119 pages and is available under an open content license. The author is Sharyn Fitzpatrick. The book includes a collection of 140 tweets to cover the next topics related to using Open Texbooks:

  • What Is Open?
  • Why Author an Open Textbook?
  • Why Adopt an Open Textbook?
  • How to Adopt an Open Textbook
  • Why Should Your College/University Care?
  • Driving the Awareness and Adoption of Open Textbooks
  • How Does the Student Benefit?
  • Where Are We Headed?

My list of selected tweets are:

#OCL4Ed 1: No paper was used to produce this plug for open textbooks—just a few electrons were rearranged

#OCL4Ed 8: Open is freedom—freely modifiable and available, not shackled by restrictive copyright.

#OCL4Ed 12: Open textbooks help solve the problem of the high cost of textbooks, book shortages, and access to textbooks for interactive learning.

#OCL4Ed 14: Open is a way to significantly reduce the student cost of education, especially textbooks

#OCL4Ed 28: Pass on the gifts given to you. Leave a legacy.

#OCL4Ed 65: Use resources like collegeopentextbooks.org to find and adopt open textbooks.

#OCL4Ed 140: The digital age is redefining how we learn, get information, and collaborate, engaging students in multiple ways. It is our future.

I’ll be glad to receive comments about my preferred tweet as a way of disseminating the use of OER.

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