CAS_STEM: Projects Based Learning 2013-2014

 Chemistry and Physics Grade 9th

  • Building a pendulum for testing an hypothesis (scientific methodology).




  •  Using a Java Virtual Lab to find out cola samples which are in bad conditions
  • Submission of personal Science e-Portfolios to participate in a course peer asessment


Biology and Geology Grade 10th

  •  Research about relevant scientist who provides useful knowledge for cells. Final products were:
    • A video: The first example shows a team of girls imitating Watson and Crick to present their findings about DNA. They are speaking in Galician language:
      Next example shows Robert Hooke, who coined the term ‘cell’, talking about his scientific contribution:
    • A poster

  • Presenting in Prezi and with audio a biome in 6:40 min (Pecha Kucha style)

Some examples:


  • Creating a personal e-portfolio post compiling all we’ve done in STEM subjects along the course. Digital evidences and a learning reflection about them were required.

Digital evidences coming soon…

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