Maps of interactions in Math Classrooms

The slideshare presentation embedded below posted by Maria Andersen, Director of Learning & Innovation at Area9 on Oct 02, 2010 summarizes a research paper from Vilma Mesa titled «Student Participation in Mathematics Lessons Taught by Seven Successful Community College Instructors» (see page 64). Maps of Interaction in Math Classrooms from Maria Andersen What it caught …

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Student works deserve an equivalent Teacher feedback

Today I rescued this picture from old annotations to reinforce, once again, the power of teacher feedback. I titled this short post as «Student works deserve an equivalent Teacher feeback«. A good complementary picture could be another one to insist on giving feedback as soon as possible to be more effective.

21st Century Skills

Roger Blamire, Senior Advisor to European Schoolnet, provides in a 9:01min video a clear introduction to what is commonly referred to as 21st Century Skills. Roger defined in 2014 Skills as expertise or the ability to do something well. Paul Kirschner would define skill  as the ability to successfully carry out a procedure, so Paul …

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My virtual attendance to #mtmoot 2014

June is usually a busy month for teachers. Final exams, grades, school reports, meetings with parents are the usual stressing tasks for all of us. So as soon I begin my summer holidays, I start to pay attention to many other forgotten activities  and hobbies. One of those activities is to read about what’s going …

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CAS_ICT: Using ICT tools for teaching Sciences

ICT for Chemistry and Physics Grade 9th To teach Chemistry and Physics we use Moodle as our LMS. With Moodle we went beyond a repository and we set up many and different learning activities as for example: A choice activity to choose an independent variable for a scientific project One assignment to submit final reports …

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Evaluación de un alumno a través de la defensa de su Portfolio

Buscando información sobre nuevos modelos de evaluación llegué a dos vídeos que recogen una experiencia de evaluación de alumnos a través de la defensa de su portfolio. Creo que es un ejemplo muy ilustrativo del valor que tiene el portfolio como herramienta educativa y, cómo podemos evaluar a un alumno a través de el. El …

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